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Peer-To-Peer (“P2P) is a platform powering medical opinion leaders to share their scientific ideas with peers worldwide.

  • P2P is a digital marketing platform designed for a small group of medical opinion leaders and young stars from distinguished centers of excellence.

  • Medical Opinion leaders use P2P to set up their medical communication channels to self-publish short scientific videos to quickly get their unique scientific ideas to healthcare professionals worldwide.

  • Healthcare Professionals can acquire cutting-edge science from experts in the field, and publicize their cases, research data, publications, and conference information to peers worldwide --- ​Here at P2P, you are not only a spectator, but also a peer contributor 

  • Channel Videos powered by P2P are watched “adequately” by tens of thousands of peers in many countries within a short period of time.  A credible third party validates the viewership data of the channel videos. 

  • The Synergy of medical opinion leaders and P2P promotes the sciences advocated by the KOLs to millions of healthcare professionals, thus creating noise, awareness, impact, and global scientific leadership.



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